5000 unique low-effort Monkey NFTs

The Monkeyzzz...

LMB is the low-effort version of the famous SMB, a project I love and have had the pleasure to hold. Every attribute has been drawn mostly using Paint and every original monkey has its respective low-effort one. Why did I do that? Because this is going to be the first low-effort collection on Solana. And also because, you know, I'm a lazy person.
Reject effort. Return to bed.

The Perks

Yawn... Uh yeah, I forgor 💀

LMB Roadnap

  • NFT creation

    All the attributes are designed mostly using Paint and the NFTs are generated using the original SMB .json file

  • Pre-sale

    Free mint for whitelisted people

  • Zzz...

    Quick nap

  • Mint day

    Public mint at 0.069 SOL

  • Zzz...

    Another quick nap

  • Marketplace

    Secondary market integration on Magic Eden

  • Inutility

    Building a set of low-effort utilities

  • Just chilling